A Group committed to sustainable and responsible development

The Group’s strategy is to invest in three aspects of corporate social responsibility, namely economic (our core business), social and community, based on a responsible human resources policy and engagement with civil society, and environmental responsibility.
Thus the Group has adopted five major commitments in each of the retail chains and at all levels of the company, applied to all areas from strategy to operating practices:

  • Building a sustainable relationship with our customers

Since its origin, the COFIDIS Participations Group has paid particular attention to constantly improving support for its customers, whether in managing their credit, their budget or their bank account.

  • Supporting economic development

Consumer credit is an essential tool to sustain household consumption, both in France and other European countries. Credit is a financing solution for everyday consumer goods.

  • Promoting a policy of responsible human resources

Because its staff is so diverse, the COFIDIS Participations Group is committed to personal and career development and implements a responsible human resources policy. Managers promote close relationships based on independence, openness and trust. They are encouraged to conduct individual assessments and hold regular discussion meetings with their teams.

  • Combating exclusion

Committed to human rights and all forms of diversity, the COFIDIS Participations Group has established partnerships with a range of organisations to help people in need.
At local level, retail chains thus support a lot of associations, either though funding or the involvement of teams on the ground. (Jardins de Cocagne, Telethon, Face Foundation, Alliance Networks and Crésus)

  • Limiting the impact of our activities on the environment

The Group has introduced a range of measures to reduce its environmental footprint, including computerisation of documents, building design in line with French high environmental quality (HQE) standards, eco-friendly use of consumables and others. Retail chains have also introduced initiatives to increase staff awareness of environmental issues and to ensure they are actively involved in promoting change.

People come first in the COFIDIS Participations Group, before technology and processes. Our men and women are our greatest asset. Managers promote close relationships based on independence, openness and trust. They are encouraged to conduct individual assessments and hold regular discussion meetings with their teams.

The Group’s human resources policy in the current economic climate aims first and foremost to protect employability and promote career mobility.
Training is an essential motivational tool and provides the opportunity for each person to acquire new skills and grow professionally. Training is offered to all employees as continuing professional development to reach their personal competency goals or to support career progression.


As an essential part of the Cofidis Participations Group HR Department, the Training division offers orientation training for new hires and newly-promoted personnel. It promotes skills development for employees at all stages of their career. The company is committed to an active training policy and delivered more than 50,000 learning hours in 2013.

One of the Group’s objectives is to capitalise on the skills and expertise of our employees to attract and retain the best talent throughout their careers, provide them with career advancement opportunities in France and abroad and help them to achieve their capability goals. Investment in training and career progression ensures Cofidis not only actively protects employability, but also promotes career development.

At COFIDIS Pariticipations we recognise the importance of open communication. We have established a number of communication channels in the Group’s entities to improve communication, ensure our employees have a voice and to encourage the free flow of ideas between staff and management.


“Hello”, the COFIDIS Participations Group in-house newsletter, is distributed in six languages to the 4,200 people in the Group. Read by more than 80% of employees, it provides information on Group-wide and individual subsidiary projects. Focusing on the Group’s businesses, the monthly newsletter is an essential medium for expressing and sharing ideas and best practices between entities and for making available simple and accessible information for all.

cofThe internal communication officers (CCI) are organised into committees with a dozen or so employees from different Group businesses who work in the same retail chain, which are coordinated by the Company’s internal communications department.
The role of the committees is to feed back information just in time, to stay abreast of employees’ needs in order to adjust internal communication media and messages as required, and to give employees an active role in ensuring effective communication in their entity.
Established in Group companies in France, COFIDIS is currently examining the suitability of this communications system for international entities.


The Trophée Sports & Familles is an enjoyable corporate sports event for all employees of the 3SI Group, the Cofidis Participations Group and Argosyn. Organised around nine sports tournaments, the emphasis of this family-friendly event is on participation and enjoyment rather than competition.
Teams compete across a range of sports including soccer, basketball, ping-pong, air hockey, pétanque, relay track races and cycle races, etc. Around the pitches, a wide variety of entertainment is provided for the very young and their parents, such as pony rides, bouncy castles, climbing walls and duck fishing. The annual sports and family day focuses on team values and family fun, mirroring the Group’s values and people first vision!

The Group is firmly committed to ensuring respect for human rights and diversity in all its forms. We strive to include employees with disabilities, vulnerable groups and older employees, as well as ensuring equal opportunities for men and women.
Because we believe in the value of diversity, the Group counters exclusion by applying a responsible recruitment policy and by providing support to associations striving for the same aims.



Every year, the COFIDIS Participations Group organises Handiflex, a recruitment forum to provide support, promote dialogue and job opportunities for the disabled, above and beyond meeting the regulatory requirements.

With very active support from other companies and organisations in the Nord Pas De Calais region, the Handiflex Forum has developed into a key event.

At local level, the retail chains support many organisations, either though funding or the involvement of teams on the ground. The companies in the COFIDIS Participations Group are committed to a policy of support and partnership to help people in need.


The French retail chains support the Solidarité & Initiative Association to develop the Jardin de Cocagne project outside Paris at Haute Borne, near the company’s offices. Organic market gardening organisations focused on social and professional integration, the Jardins de Cocagne welcome people outside the job market and put them to work, principally young people.

Since its origin, the COFIDIS Participations Group has paid particular attention to constantly improving support for its customers, from managing loans to their bank account. Forums, internet sites, personalised and in-depth budget reviews, and personal advisers are all part of the systems established in the Group’s companies throughout Europe.


Cofidis France’s “Facilivie” platform provides support and information for day-to-day budget management for its customers.



ContasconnoscoA In Lisbon, Cofidis has a dedicated money management website for Portuguese families where they can download themed applications and submit questions to an independent money management coach.

The retail chains in the COFIDIS Participations Group are engaged in a participatory approach working together with their customers. To help us to continuously improve our procedures, the customer experience is analysed taking into account the whole range of emotions experienced by a customer before, during and after the purchase of a financial product. This type of feedback from experience is a priority for all the companies in the Group and is a major component of the Group’s sustainable development strategy.


Taking Car

As part of the Cofidis “Taking Care” plan in Portugal, company personnel recently arranged to meet some of their customers and hear their opinions on the products and services sold by the Group.

Every year, COFIDIS France conducts a survey of households’ purchasing power, in association with the French broadcasting authority (CSA). The survey tracks trends and provide valuable insights to help COFIDIS to identify and respond to needs.

Baromètre SocialIn Spain, the company conducted a large national survey entitled “La ilusion que nos mueve.com“. The survey has a very broad application and asks respondents about their personal, emotional, professional, and material goals. Taking the survey a step further, it also includes a “desire index” to rate the significance of each plan mentioned, according to its importance for personal fulfilment and the satisfaction that individuals would gain by fulfilling these goals.

La Ilusion

The Group is committed to giving the closest possible support to its customers at each stage of their lives, including in difficult circumstances that could lead to over-indebtedness. Passive over-indebtedness, triggered by life events such as unemployment or divorce, remains the major type of excessive debt. It accounts for 75% of cases presented to the French commission on individual over-indebtedness (commission de surendettement).

We have particular expertise in amicable collection procedures. They are continuously optimised and adapted and form the cornerstone of the Group’s efforts to combat excessive indebtedness. The specialised training provided to advisers combined with careful management of customers in the loan portfolio ensure both close monitoring of relationships and an agile response where necessary.


The retail chains in France signed a partnership agreement with the French regional debt support network, CRESUS (Chambre REgionale du SUrendettement Social). CRESUS is recognised as a public interest organisation. It comprises 18 associations in 14 regions in France, governed by a code of ethics and forming a local network dedicated to providing advice and support for households in debt and preventing financial and economic exclusion CRESUS has lobbied for the creation of a consumer credit database in France for more than 25 years, a project supported by the COFIDIS Participations Group.


The close customer relationship developed within the Group is supported by a robust innovation policy aimed at removing the distance between our retail chains and customers in order to offer excellent relationship management and efficient services, in line with customers’ expectations.
As well as mobile information and communication technologies, Group companies have also established on-line forums for discussion and exchange of information.


Mobile MonaMonabanq. offers a single simple and free application available for IPhone, Android and Windows Phone. All the app’s functionalities (credit transfers, bank balances, contacts) are available on mobile.

While the satisfaction of our customers is the most important criterion for the success of our customer relations management policy, certification of the quality of our products and customer relations by industry bodies provides an additional measure of overall satisfaction.


Logo SC-Q-2015_OrganismeCredit - CopieThe “Customer Service of the Year” awards in 2015 in both France and Spain bear testimony to the confidence placed in COFIDIS by consumers. They reward the Group’s long-term commitment to its customers and its policy of continuous service optimisation. First and foremost, these awards are a tribute to the work of our sales advisers who consistently strive to develop personalised relations and provide a high quality service to all customers.
*Credit Institution category – Inference Operations – Viséo Conseil research conducted from May to July 2014, using mystery customers, with 215 contacts by telephone, email, Internet and social networks.


Escolha PortugalIn Portugal, COFIDIS won the “Escolha do Consumidor 2014” consumer award for the third year in a row, with the highest score, especially for the following criteria: trust, credibility, financial soundness, transparency, and also its careful approach to granting credit.

All activity generates an environmental impact. The COFIDIS Participations Group is determined to reduce its environmental footprint and has introduced a range of measures, including in particular: computerisation of documents, the use of eco-label paper and building design in line with French high environmental quality (HQE) standards.


Our customers can opt to receive bank statements electronically. Practical and environmentally friendly, this option allows customers to consult their bank statements on line.

The retail chains conduct a number of initiatives aimed at raising awareness amongst employees of environmental issues and the importance of recycling.


Employees in our French companies can drop off used light bulbs, telephones, printer cartridges and other plastic items for recycling and energy recovery.

Every year in France employees can take part in a challenge organised by the local authorities to encourage the use of alternative transport for the commute to work.