The COFIDIS Participations Group is backed by stable and complementary shareholders:

Crédit Mutuel, the majority shareholder, and

Argosyn, an e-commerce and financial sector operator.

Crédit Mutuel, with its subsidiary CIC, is a major player in retail banking with more than 5,920 branches in France.

  • Banking and insurance: the Group’s banking and insurance business offers a fully integrated product line-up to meet members’ banking and insurance needs.
  • Mutualist philosophy: the approach and actions are based on respect and trust; members’ interests take precedence in our structure.
  • Technology: we work with new technologies to offer the best possible service to members and the local banks.
  • Local banking: we build relations with our members through independent local banks that are part of the fabric of the local community and through the use of online banking tools.
  • Key figures:
    • 78 482 employees
    • 30,4 million customers in France and in Europe
    • Net banking income: €15.2 billion
    • €669 billion in savings
    • €351.2 billion in loans

Argosyn took over the BtoB e-commerce and financial activities from the 3 Suisses International Group.

  • Its retail chains are leaders in their markets. They are known for their capacity for innovation and performance.
  • Financial services through its Contentia (collection) and Direxi (insurance broker) subsidiaries, and its holding in the COFIDIS Participations Group (payment solutions and banking services)
  • BtoB e-commerce through Bruneau, the leading French operator in the office furniture and supplies for professionals segment.