Customer relations

Central to our business is the ability to listen, understand, and find the best solutions for our customers. Building on our historic expertise in maintaining direct relations, almost two-thirds of our staff are in individual and personal contact with customers by telephone, mobile phone or on line.

Direct marketing

Design new products, optimise marketing, invent new methods of communication, attract new target groups, inform and build loyalty. We regularly introduce new products and services to meet our customers' changing needs.


Scoring systems optimise management of financial risk for both the company and its customers. These are combined with management systems to measure and fine-tune our operating activities. Statistics play a key role in the day-to-day business of the retail chains.

Finance and management

Provide an overview of the Group as a whole and steer strategy to support its growth. Ensure compliance with regulatory changes. Foresee and manage risks.
Organisation and information systems
Design and develop processes that are increasingly agile, efficient and secure to meet the needs of both customers and in-house teams.


Provide support to staff to ensure they have the best possible working conditions to serve their customers and to promote personal and career development. Efficient management is the cornerstone of our retail chains.

SynerGie/Holding careers

The holding company is responsible for support, management control and coordination for the companies within the Group. It develops synergy between Group companies and defines a coherent operating framework for our activities.