La politique Humaine

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Demanding standards and customer focus

Day-to-day customer service is built on rigorous standards, perseverance and an open attitude. The engagement of all our men and women is vital to achieve our objectives and share in the company's success.

Team spirit

Relations with employees are based on simplicity and transparency. Our human resources policy is based on the acceptance of difference and sharing in cultural diversity. Everybody has a place in the company and is afforded the opportunity for personal and career development, regardless of age, professional background or sociocultural origin.
Since every position forms part of a team, there is an on-boarding process for all new employees to provide them with a basic knowledge of our core businesses, lenders and customers.
The ability to work in a team and to share with others with a view to optimising efficiency is essential for all positions in the COFIDIS Participations Group.


The Group offers mobility and continuing professional development opportunities to enable personnel to change positions, take advantage of career development opportunities and fulfil their personal and professional development goals.


The retail chains in the COFIDIS Participations Group promote close relationships based on independence, accessibility, transparency and trust. Managers are coached to conduct individual assessments and hold regular discussion meetings with their teams.